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Welcome Home
Our catch-all and wall hook are designed to give you a place for all your things, whether you’re snagging them on your way out or dropping them off on your way in.
Clean Silhouette
The wall hook and catch-all float on your wall, giving you a clean resting place for everything from your backpack and ball cap to your wallet and phone.

No need to pile everything on a chair. Or the floor.

They’re designed and built to look great even when there’s nothing on them. All together, they give you storage solutions without compromising on a minimal aesthetic.
Front view of the maple wood Grovemade Desk Collection with maple leather and cork mouse pad, monitor stand, pen cups, desk lamps, planter, leather wrist pad, and keyboard tray.
Detail of the maple wood pen tray integrated into the Grovemade leather mouse pad
Let the Space Guide You
Dial in your entryway or office with the right combination for your needs.

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Design Inspires What You Do
We at Grovemade believe the tools you immerse yourself in reflect who you are and the meaning behind your work.

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