To Make a Wall Hook
We went through a redesign and value engineering to make the wall hooks better before we reintroduced them in Spring 2018. Like all our products, they’re a careful balance between design and manufacturability.
Our original design (on the left in the image below) seamlessly incorporated three materials to create a clean hook that magically floats on your wall, with no visible fasteners. We started with the same inspiration and began to experiment with everything from the angle of the wood base, to the size, to the materiality, until we arrived at the final version (on the right).
We added subtle features—a chamfer on the inside of the aluminum ledge to soften and improve the functionality, simplified assembly—and maintained the super clean appearance with no visible fasteners. The new and improved wall hook is made by hand in our shop—sparks and edge sanders! Watch below.
Outfit Your Home
Our wall hooks are part of our Home Collection, designed to give you well-designed, well-made, functional accessories for your home sweet home. They play together as well as they go solo.

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