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An Elevated Solution
Precision machined and hand finished in our shop, the HomePod stand gives your HomePod an aesthetic lift and protects your furniture.
Fixing it the Right Way
The problem was straightforward: Apple has admitted the HomePod leaves a white ring on naturally finished wood, the same type of finish on our wood products.

There are some easy fixes. We could’ve just modified our wool felt coaster to solve the problem. But it didn’t sit right with our team. It was too easy. It worked, but it felt like a bandage—it ruined the form of the HomePod. We didn’t want to just protect the table, we wanted to make the HomePod better!

That meant designing something to solve the problem the right way.
We already had a full design schedule, without adding this project. Could our small team design and launch something ASAP that would solve the problem and meet our standards?
Challenge Accepted
We moved in and out of iterations and explorations, creating a variety of rough prototypes by hand, everything from tiered and fluted stands, to large pedestals, to coaster-like discs.

The HomePod looks great—our product needed to make it look even better.

Through our explorations, we landed on a simple solution—an elegant ring. From the outside, it looks identical to a solid disc. But when considered by itself, it’s much more striking. We wanted the object to be beautiful on its own, even though you’d hardly ever see it when in use. It’s a design we’re proud of.
We passed the design to our engineer, Ben, and he machined high-quality prototypes in metal, wood and cork. We critiqued and tweaked until we got the right angles and dimensions, the right height and the right interior diameter.

“Our team is built to tackle a challenge like this: when you can do everything under one roof, you can really make things happen!”

The design fits with our other products. It showcases the materials simply, without getting in the way of the design of the HomePod. And it protects your table with no wasted materials.
Material Decisions
We were able to create a solid solution while elevating the look and function of the HomePod. We prototyped with a variety of materials, and settled on three different classes that complement the textured walls of the HomePod, while giving you the ability to pick the best one for your space.
Three Flavors
Aluminum or hardwood: pick the one that vibes best with your home decor. Each ring has a microsuede foot for added protection.

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