Making the Desk Tray
Our desk tray organizes and integrates your things into your workspace, simplifying your process. Check out how this integral piece of our Desk Shelf System comes together in our workshop!

Grovemade now works closely with vendor partners in the USA to produce our desk trays.
Built by Hand
The design of our desk tray is all about bringing materials together—bent aluminum is rigid and strong, while natural cork is soft and light. Together, they make a tray that is simple and effective, whether it’s out on the table or tucked into our desk shelf.
Before we put the cork into the mill to be machined, we cure it to a precise temperature and humidity in an oven, to ensure accurate sizing. Once cured, it’s off to be machined.
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After the mill, the cork is sanded by hand, softening the curves and edges. The cork we source has a very fine grain—once it’s sanded, it’s incredibly soft and smooth to the touch.
For the black stained version, it’s then off to the sumi ink bath (a Japanese calligraphy ink). We tested all kinds of ways to stain the cork a rich, deep black, and this was the best!
Walnut  Wall Shelves with Walnut Succulent Planter and Walnut Pen Cup.
The cork is spray sealed, and then it’s off to assembly. It’s glued into the bent aluminum tray, and a cork foot is attached to the bottom to protect your desktop or table. Then off to be wrapped and shipped to your door!
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Within our desk shelf system, or on its own, the desk tray is designed to hold just the right amount of stuff. All nicely squared away, all within reach.
Walnut  Wall Shelves with Walnut Succulent Planter and Walnut Pen Cup.
The Lineup
With each size you get the same premium bent, brushed aluminum chassis and pocketed cork interior (hand stained with sumi ink in the case of the dark version). The natural cork foot protects your desk and gives the tray just the right cushion.

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