What Does “Made the Hard Way” Mean?
Follow us through the shop to see why our physical space is crucial to the products we design and make.
Everything happens under one roof. Our router is next to our finishing station, which is just around the corner from our design table.

“We can prototype and launch products incredibly fast, because of how our shop and design are physically aligned.”

Our team is committed to crafting products that satisfy our standards of design and quality. Sometimes this means manufacturing things differently—the industry best practices and limitations don’t need to limit us, because we can build it ourselves.
The design and manufacturing are in constant communication. We can create products that couldn’t exist otherwise.

“When we design, we’re intimately aware of the manufacturing, because we’re accountable for the whole process. The products are made the hard way and they’re better because of it.”

Product Designer
All of our products are in some way shaped by this philosophy.

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