Making the Pen
The Grovemade Pen was designed to be a companion piece to your desk and serve a functional purpose… to write. With an all metal seamless body, it’s heavy, it feels good in your hand, it transmits all your thoughts and imagination onto paper, and it’s always there when you need it. Check out how the newest member of the Grovemade Desk Collection comes together in our workshop!
Exploded view illustration showing the pieces that make up the pen.
Exploded view illustration showing the pieces that make up the pen.
From Raw to Refined
The pen begins its life as a solid bar of metal, otherwise known as a billet. We order these bars in brass and aluminum. Once we receive this raw material, we send it off to our friends just across the river in Vancouver, WA who specialize in a process called Swiss Screw Machining. There they take our solid bars of metal, and use our design and engineering specs to turn it into two forms: the pen body and the dial.
Why Swiss Machining?
The conventional way to create circular forms from a solid form is to use a lathe: a tool that holds the material from one end, spinning it extremely fast, and using a sharp tool to shave off material as it spins, creating a cylinder. Because of the level of accuracy and specific form we were looking for, the conventional method would not work. As the material spins, being held from a single point on the end, there is a slight wobble created due to the length of the shape, which yields an inaccurate form. Instead, we chose to use the Swiss Screw Machining method. With this method, the stock piece of metal is slowly fed out and machined as it feeds, so the tool is cutting directly next to where the material is being held, yielding an extremely accurate and precise finished product.
Back to the Shop
After the parts are machined and sent back to us, it’s time to clean them up and assemble them. The aluminum pens get sent off to get their black cerakote finish—a durable ceramic coating—and the brass parts get hand polished and waxed in house.

Once all the parts are finished and cleaned up, we begin assembling them. Taking the finished body, we insert a spring and Schmidt Rollerball P8126 ink. We then screw the movement piece onto the back and prepare to add the dial. Using a special jig we created specifically for this part, we then press fit the dial onto the movement, ensuring the alignment is just right.
The Pen Stand
With the pen fully assembled, it’s time to put together it’s companion, the pen stand. Comprised of two main parts, the pen stand starts off as a solid bar of metal and a solid chunk of wood. The metal is sent to our manufacturing friends on the outskirts of Portland where they cut it to size and shave out a small portion of the inside of the cylinder with a CNC lathe specifically designed for metal. Back in our shop we are already hard at work making the inside wooden portion. Using our own CNC mill, we cut the wood down to shape, hand sand and hand finish it. Once we receive the metal bases, we put the pieces together and add a laser cut cork foot for protection.
Finally, our custom packaging gets laser cut in house and hand assembled before being ready to go out the door. Combined with its companion, the Pen Stand, the Grovemade Pen is designed to live at your desk and always be there when you need it.
Mighty Mighty
The pen is available alone, or with the matching stand in walnut or maple, to coordinate with your specific work environment.

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