Wallet Style Guide
Our wallets are all minimal. But they’re designed with very different uses in mind.
The Walnut Wood Everyday Carry Collection with iPhone Case, Wood Watch, Small Card Wallet, and bottle opening key ring.
The Minimalist Wallet
We designed the Minimalist Wallet in 2015, in conjunction with the beginning of our Everyday Carry collection. It’s designed with a specific user in mind: someone who is very conscious of what they carry. It holds up to four cards, and a few bills.
Animation showing the quick draw function of the Grovemade Tan Minimalist Wallet.
Carry Style
Front pocket / shirt pocket
Up to four cards and a folded bill or two
Custom machined metal body
Vegetable-tanned leather wrap
Quick draw allows for easy access to your cards
Available in ultra light aluminum, or majestically hefty brass
Minimalist, slim brass wallet with black leather face.
“I really don’t like carrying much. No school pictures in here! Give me just what I need.”
Use Case
A night out on the town. Gym. Impressing friends and family.
Compact tan leather bifold wallet fits easily in front pants pocket.
The Compact Bifold Wallet
In 2016, we designed a wallet that complemented the minimalist wallet while appealing to the person who likes some flexibility in what they carry. We resisted stitches for a long time—we love keeping things super clean and minimal—but in the end, we opted for the extra durability stitches afford. It’s still minimal—our bifold footprint is 30% smaller than a traditional bifold—even as it gives you flexibility in what you carry.
Animation showing small tan bifold wallet holds six debit or credit cards, paper money, and extras.
Carry Style
Front or back pocket
Up to 8 cards and some folded bills and assorted other stuff
Nifty fold allows easy access to cash/cards tucked behind the front flap
Card stacking offset via integrated ledge in card slot
American vegetable-tanned leather wrap around
Reinforced with cotton stitching
The hidden compartment inside the Grovemade Black Bifold Wallet.
“I need something that’ll carry cards, cash, business cards and my museum pass, but still keep things minimal.”
Use Case
Weekend with the family. Errands. Work. You name it.

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