Sean's Chair Picks
Sean is Grovemade’s designer extraordinaire. Here’s what he would pick for his dream office.
SEAN KELLY (Lead Product Designer): I am not a huge fan of “office” chairs. What I want is a comfortable seat that does not clash with my surroundings, especially if that seat is in my home.

I used to sit at my dining room table in a dining chair when I worked from home. Now that I’ve set up my home office in the garage... I am still sitting in a dining chair. But if I took this office to the next level, these are the chairs I would consider getting.
Herman Miller Caper: From my college years many of my classrooms and studios came equipped with this chair. I spent many lectures and sleepless nights sitting in this chair. It is extremely comfortable and breathable, and I do love a good color pop. It also comes in many styles. I’ve sat in most of them.
Hay Result Chair: This chair takes me back to Grade School and High School minus the attached desk (however Hay does sell a sweet matching desk). I love the clean simplicity of the metal frame and the warmth of the formed plywood back and seat. Plus because this chair reminds me of my days as a student it inspires me to always keep learning.
Thonet Rocking Chair: My grandparents had this rocking chair next to a huge window overlooking the Oregon High Desert. I used to wake up before the rest of my family and watch the sunrise while rocking away. You can’t always sit at a desk when you are working. Sometimes you gotta mix things up or should I say rock things up…
Herman Miller Cosm Chair (Low Back): I love this design! It responds to you instead of you needing to respond to it. I usually don’t like traditional office-style chairs but due to the lack of levers and knobs and its amazing construction I would consider this one for sure! I chose low back because I don’t want to look like Emperor Palpatine when I spin around…
Eames Aluminum Group Side Chair: Just look at all that die-casting!!! Enough said.
Key Takeaways
Thanks Sean! That’s given us some great pointers for an awesome chair setup:
  1. The chair should inspire you
  2. It should jive with your space, in your opinion
  3. It should be comfortable
  4. You should have backup chairs so you can mix it up
  5. You should feel like yourself when you sit in it

Now take these and find your dream seat(s)!

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