Home Office Checklist
As part of our Ultimate Home Office Guide, we created a handy checklist, boiling down the process to the most essential information for those looking to create a home office for themselves.
☐ Understand how you work. When do you do your best work? And in what environment?
☐ Understand what brings you joy, what inspires you, what helps you focus.
☐ Primary location where you can focus
☐ Secondary location where you can go for a change of scenery and still be productive (if possible)
☐ A desk or work surface
☐ A good chair
☐ Natural light + good manufactured lighting
☐ Art, plants and decor that speak to you
☐ Schedule with built-in breaks
☐ Communication and check-in plan with co-workers
☐ Social / community-building plan with co-workers
☐ Solid wi-fi connection that can support conference calls—take a wifi speed test!
☐ How-we-work plan with anyone you’re sharing the space with
Tools & Accessories
☐ Desk organization: shelves, desk pads, trays, mouse pads, trackpad tray, pen & pencil cups
☐ External monitor
☐ Writing utensils, like the Grovemade Pen
☐ Classic office supplies, like this Zenith Stapler, peppy paper clips
Good Keyboard
☐ Focus tokens and tinker toys - physical objects that help remind you to stay on track
Nourishment & Upkeep
☐ Snack drawer, with snack bag clips like these Onyx Clips
Good water bottle
☐ Small selection of cleaning supplies—screen cleaner, desk cleaner, trash can, vacuum, cool broom. The Strategist also lists tech-specific cleaning supplies.
☐ Aromatics of your choice—diffuser, candles, incense

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