A Place for Everything
Our desk shelf system was designed to give you the flexibility and structure to create your optimal workspace. We've looked at hundreds of customers’ desks, and we're constantly excited to see all the ways the desk shelf system is used around the world. Whether you’re into knick-knacks or minimalism, our desk shelf helps you get your best work done.

“That’s my grandfather’s abacus, and yes, I use it daily.”

Analog Fever
Cords! Never lose track of your tools, because they're all physically anchored to your space. It's a digital world, but a little analog goes a long way. And, a lot of analog goes a really long way. Sometimes, an object’s story gets better and better with age. We firmly believe in objects—making sure they’re meaningful makes all the difference.

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"Less is more. Clean space, clean brain, clean work."

Fresh & Clean
Just the right objects, just the right spacing. They say the key to graphic design is using a grid. The desk shelf system is like the grid for your desk, so you can align and organize your workspace just like your favorite modernist poster from 1959. This space allows you to focus on just what you need to get done. Eliminate distractions.

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"Look, are you sure you don’t have a bigger screen I could buy?"

Digital Savant
The supreme digital workflow, ACTIVATED. Your work is expansive, so your screens need to be, too. The world is digital and your work is digital, so your workspace needs to work with all the digital that there is. And, when you're in the flow, you need the right tools at hand. Flow on, Digital Savant, flow on.

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"The life organic is the life for me."

Bohemian Paradise
You're inspired by a rich canvas—music, books, plants, furry loved ones—so bring those things into your workspace! Sometimes, life needs the right amount of texture and variety to make you feel at home, and that's when you can do your best work.

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Meet the Players
Each piece is available individually, allowing you to mix and match to dial in your desk.

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