Simple Charging
Wireless charging is awesome because it’s simple—place your phone down and presto! Charging. Sign us up.

When we designed the wireless charging pad in 2017, we took that principle and ran it through our design process—we wanted to create a wireless charger that was beautiful, had excellent build quality, and worked. Our customers wanted something for their desks and their homes that blends into their space, rather than looking like an iPhone accessory.

The result has been one of our best sellers ever since.
Because simple is so great, sometimes it can be enticing to start compounding that simplicity—adding features, adding more ‘simple’ functionality to a product, adding more and more products to a category. We constantly balance the costs and benefits of simplicity and complexity.
The Wireless Charging Pad: A Case Study
We’ve spent a lot of time talking to our customers, getting to know their needs and pain points. A lot of our wireless charging pad customers wanted something to charge multiple devices, especially one that was well designed with an excellent build quality.

It’s an exciting prospect. Apple set a very high bar when they announced their AirPower mat in the fall of 2017, but sometimes even Apple's technology doesn't pan out—just last week, Apple cancelled their AirPower wireless charger due to technological limitations.

We also considered adding functionality to our wireless charging pad lineup—like charging AirPods or an Apple Watch—but, the technological limitations would have made for design tradeoffs we weren’t willing to accept (for example: extra cords, impossible technology).
Keep it Simple
We’re a small company, and for a small company, balance is key. Balancing the design and material quality of the products our customers want with the features they need is a constant dance. The wireless charging pad is a product of that dance, a product with excellent build quality and materiality, combined with focused functionality—simple wireless charging for your phone.

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