The Wireless Charging Pad
We designed our wireless charging pad to respect the quality of industrial design going into your smartphone, to be clean and simple, and to better complement your space. It's compatible with all Grovemade iPhone cases, and works with most other cases up to 3 mm thick.

Accessories should make your experience with technology better, easier, more delightful.

Honing the Details
Focusing on subtle details makes the charging pad come to life. It had to look good with a variety of phones, and in a variety of spaces. We built dozens of cardboard models, then walked the 10 ft to the woodshop to create real prototypes and see how they felt. We arrived at a shape that we think is just right. Not too big, not too small.
Profile view of the Wireless Charging Pad made of layered dark cork and a stainless steel base.
The solid metal base and cork top come together totally flush. It’s a detail that takes steady hands and careful attention on the edge sander. The black cork is then painstakingly hand stained with Japanese calligraphy ink. It’s hard, but the end result is worth it.
Overhead view of the Grovemade Wireless Charging Pad with cork top as part of the Maple Desk Collection.
Keep the Cord Out of Sight
The braided cord wraps cleanly under the dock when you don’t need the full length, so you can always keep things clean.

Cord length adjustable from 9” to 5’ 6”
Illustration of the bottom of the Wireless iPhone Charging Pad showing the cord hidden underneath.
The ¼” thick brass or stainless steel base gives the charging pad significant heft, ensuring it’ll stay put as you use it throughout the day. The top is soft, natural cork, making it an ideal resting surface for your phone. And, it allows for efficient conduction of charge.
Portrait photo of Grovemade Lead Product Designer Sean Kelly.

“When it gets simple, it’s about the material choices you make. The materials speak to their function, and you can remove unnecessary adornments.”

Lead Product Designer
Choose Your Charger
Available in three colorways.

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