One Belt, Four Ways
The minimalist belt is designed to be incredibly simple—two pieces, no rivets or stitches. A solid cast steel buckle and a premium vegetable tanned leather strap. The Belt Kit leverages that intentional simplicity into a radical value—you get four belts for less than the price of two, each with their very own vibes.
Super Value by Design
It was, like, almost on purpose. Stumbled onto it you know and then bam, we knew it was gonna be a hit.
Does your array of random belts bring you joy? No? Pitch it! Get our belt kit. Look, it’s designed so that the buckles and straps are interchangeable. With two belts you essentially get four belts. 1 + 1 doesn’t always equal 4, but when it does, you know it’s because we’re talking about our belt kit. This is as minimal as it gets because we’re creating numbers out of thin air, kind of.
But it’s not a gimmick… it’s not like one of those belts where the buckle flips over and the belt is two sided. Those are lame. This belt is a brilliant value simply because of the design: we wanted something without rivets, without stitches, and that would last forever. A modern take on a heritage buckle.

"I am only friends with people who have our belt kit. If you’d like to be my friend, you need to buy this."

Lead Product Designer
Infographic showing the different types of wool felt combinations: 100% merino wool, wool combined with wood pulp-based rayon, wool combined with acrylic material, and completely synthetic based wool.
Get Kitted
The minimalist belt kit is just that—a kit that keeps your wardrobe minimal because it covers all your belt bases. Get all four belts for all your outfit needs.
Each belt is available individually if you like to keep it even simpler.

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