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Knife Handles 101
Our minimalist knife body comes in three different metal options - titanium, brass, and aluminum with a black cerakote finish.

The design of the minimalist knife was focused on radical simplicity. We use a solid, single piece body, machined from a solid block of metal. Each handle is paired with a hand-sharpened, 440C stainless steel blade. The metal makes all the difference.
Black (Cerakote Aluminum) • $110
Our most popular variant, it takes minimal to the next level. The 440C stainless steel blade and aluminum handle are both finished with Cerakote, a ceramic coating that enhances the physical properties of the metals. It has a smooth, matte finish and feels incredibly light in the hand. It’s our most accessible pocket knife.

Alloy - 7075 aluminum handle
Density - 0.102 lb/in3
Hardness, Brinell - 172
Brass • $120
Brass is bright and attractive, and has a nicely substantial heft—it’s the densest metal in our lineup. We polish each knife handle until it glows, and it will develop a beautiful patina as you carry and use your knife, giving it a unique character all your own. The brass closely mirrors the materials of the original Higonokami knife, which was our main design inspiration in creating our pocket knife. The raw finish shows off the precise machine marks - rather than hiding beneath a surfacing finish, the machining is clearly visible, making for an even more unique knife.

Alloy - 360 brass handle
Density - 0.307 lb/in3
Hardness, Brinell - 144
Titanium • $250
Titanium is the most expensive metal that we use for our knife handles. It’s incredibly hard, corrosion resistant, and durable. Combined with excellent balance and lightness when it’s in your hand, it makes for a knife that you don’t want to set down. Typical titanium knife handles are finished with sand or bead blasting, a process designed to make mass production more forgiving. We choose to leave the machined marks exposed—it’s beautiful and unique, and it highlights, rather than obscures, the manufacturing method. The process is much harder but the result is worth it. We engrave each handle with the elemental symbol for titanium, Ti, to denote its value.

Alloy - Ti-6Al-4V titanium handle
Density - 0.16 lb/in3
Hardness, Brinell - 334

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